A Video Channel and a Podcast About Spirit and Consciousness

We’re a collection of kittens based in Portland that are obsessed with topics related to higher consciousness and cosmic spirituality.

Topics about which you'll hear us wax galactic include meditation, mindfulness, wellness for the human body (both astral and physical), the Mandela Effect, holofractal and holographic reality construct, extraterrestrial contact, sacred geometry, alchemy, essential oils, esoteric publications, channeled material, and more. We like to blab, kittens.

Pacific Northwest Calendar for Cannabis, Esoteric, & Mindfulness Events

doing our part to Keep Portland Weird!

We are attempting to catalogue and promote an array of events, meet-ups, gatherings, and workshops related to energy, wellness and consciousness.

You'll find at least one of us kittens at one of these shindigs that we've listed on our website. Do you have an upcoming consciousness-related event that you want featured? Contact Brielle!

Brielle always says "toots."