It is never easy to expose oneself. Or to articulate something that puts one in a place that would make it easy for one to be mocked.

So when I step outside of my comfort zone to discuss matters and metaphysical experiences that do not have any sort of established basis, have never been experienced in any common context, nor are accompanied by any sort of guide/handbook, I am surprised to find that the mere simple act of sharing information can be met with jeering and downright hostility.

The Berenst*in Bears. A or E, which is it?

The Berenst*in Bears. A or E, which is it?

So just for clarification, I'm entertaining a thought form that many have defined as the "Mandela Effect." There is an interesting online resource dedicated to this phenomenon. Buzzfeed even wrote about this quirky reality-warping oddity a little while ago.

I am heartened at the breakneck velocity that the digital conversation related to the Mandela Effect (ME) has quickly sent a smattering of us online kittens down deeeeeep rabbit holes, as well as into conversations related to higher concepts of consciousness, energy, ascension, and timeline change. I attribute this positive development to the simple act of like-minded souls coalescing into agreeable flows and energy vortices. In my specific example, I noticed that a smattering of kittens were trickling away from a Reddit forum called /r/MandelaEffect and floating over to a new location called /r/Retconned. What a breath of fresh air it was to experience conversations in a carefully-moderated forum where snarky trolls were weeded out. Goodness, it was nice to not have to wade through fifteen non-sequitur messages consisting of intelligent and articulate arguments such as "lol u r 2 stoopid" and the like.

But that aside, the details are too long (and fucking boring as fuck) to go into for this short post, but suffice it to say that I shared an experience related to the Mandela Effect in another online forum, and it was met with, well, what's the antonym for 'friendliness?'

I myself am perplexed by the amount of vigor and venom that Mandela Effect detractors and "skeptics" bring to the table when some of us awakening starseed kitty souls attempt to have serious ME conversations amongst ourselves. It just seems to me that if some skeptic stumbled upon an obscure online web forum of, say, LARPing Star Trek dweebs totally living in a fantasy world, that the skeptic would just go "pfft" and move on, amirite?

Apparently such is not the case for our detractor friends.

I propose that we will make massive positive developments and experience world-shattering change if we commit the passive act of simply desisting from engaging in the energetic two-to-tango dance in which skeptics seem to insist we participate.

I'm tired of having conversations in which I have to coax the other side to my side. I want to totally shift the way I approach conversations of a high vibrational nature. If you resonate with my mouth-farts, awesome! If it's not your flavor...? Well, I'm sure there's a Kardashian doing something somewhere on YouTube right now if ya wanna go check 'em out. Go on. We starseed kitties will hang out here.

My programming runs deep. For example, once upon a time I was a missionary for the Mormon church, and even though I morphed into a super gay atheist for many years and nixed all LDS theology and evangelism, I still approached many things from within the mental framework of convincing and coaxing the other side to my "way." Even though it has grown into a nicely successful PR career, it is only since last December that I decided that I became comfortable with entertaining the mentality of " [X THING] is either totally your vibe or not your vibe at all, and I'm not going to bother to convince you one way or another." I want to evoke more of my divine masculine self by standing strong and assured in whatever I'm up to, and confident that I'm free to explore whatever thought forms I may be entertaining in my cavernous yet off-kilter noggin. 

Not only am I finding it very freeing to just adhere to a "you do you" mentality, it's also very calming and quieting to simply shut off the spigot of venom from snarky detractors and skeptics that seems to continually gush forth like a never-ending vomit stream. I'm just gonna be me. K?