By Alex

As our human co-creative consciousness nears a significant paradigm shift, those who are awakened are starting to realize the inherent divinity and "oneness" that permeates our shared realm. If you are esoterically or cosmically curious, then it is likely that incongruieties and questions relating to both oneness and privacy are entering your consciousness.

You can see conversations related to this gurgling up on many online forums, such as Facebook groups or forums on Reddit. A few days ago, one anonymous Reddit user visiting an esoteric forum posed this question: "Do my spirit guides watch me jack off? The paranoia is too much." I am not exactly sure if this user's query was floated because of their genuine curiosity, or if this Reddit user was acting in a troll-like manner and wanted to fill the role of provocateur.

In any case, I found it to be a perfectly valid question so I jumped into the conversational fray:

Do spirit guides watch us get nasty with ourselves? Or otherwise look in on other "private" moments? I postulated that:

It is such a natural human expression that I doubt you're raising any eyebrows even if your spirit guides are peeking in. Also—all other individualized shards and facets of life are all basically you at the end of the day (the great I AM).

So basically it's just you watching you when you really boil it down.

As the conversation progressed, a second Reddit user asked me:

How do you deal with knowing that all everything you? or us? there's one supreme consciousness experiencing life through human eyes, animal eyes, plant life. it's just experiencing itself and we've come to this realization one way or another. i feel so connected to people and when i look in their eyes all i see is me. i know it freaks people out at times the way i look at them, through their ego, and i know that i'm hiding in there.

i feel like i'm in on this big secret that i want to tell them so bad but i know that they're not ready for it. or they'll assume i'm crazy. i've seen youtube clips of gurus saying to not worry about it. to keep the realization to yourself and go about your life. but deep down i wonder how else the rest of "me" will wake up without someone trying to help them?

To which I replied...

Somehow I don't find the thought of being one being with many many masks or "game characters" or "play characters" to be disconcerting. When I first came to the realization I was like "whoa trippy" instead of feeling tinges of fear. It makes sense to me that if consciousness were trying to get to know itself, it would complexify to such a degree that it would spark individuated consciousness and would create situations, scenarios, and game locations for itself to get to know itself.

It can be frustrating sometimes to walk around with this realization, but currently we are unable to easily convey such a simple and unifying truth to the sleepwalkers who interact with and around us day-to-day. I feel that as surface humanity starts to drop some of the artificial veils around us, we are going to realize that our brains are connected to "wi-fi" (so to speak) and that we can communicate abstract concepts and complex thought-forms via non-distorted, non-verbal communication like telepathy.

And as someone who had to go around being a Mormon missionary in South America for two years (Mormonism is not my jam and hasn't been for 10+ years), I understand the desire to "evangelize," or to proactively help our sleepwalking brothers and sisters wake up. However I'm coming to the realization that evangelism might not be the way to go. Maybe the answer is "embodiment." Kind of like wearing a fabulous new purse or pair of shoes. Instead of standing outside a storefront window and saying "GOD AREN'T THOSE SHOES PRETTY?" We instead strut around our day-to-day in those kickass shoes and let those whose interest are piqued in on the secret.

2018 seems like it's shaping up to be a very significant year--for example just in the past 10 days I've made new cosmic friends and acquaintances in my town and online. I feel like we're all getting teed up for a major paradigm shift. Awakening kittens like you and me and others on this forum are going to be ready to do our pre-choreographed (yet forgotten) song and dance soon. And those who are sleepwalking are either going to get up to speed rather quickly--and possibly those who just aren't ready to "level-up" in this video game are going to log out and go finish up third density incarnation experiences elsewhere.