Greetings blessed members of our star tribe, I welcome you to my small personal vortex of light and cosmic consciousness on this day. I am a Pleiadian council member. I bring to this space a short missive from my higher self today. It is my hope that it finds its way to the eyes and ears of anyone who finds this message to be resonant.

I would like to share a quick thought about our next steps here in 2018, which include the act of “coming out of the Cosmic Closet.” We beings communicating on this Facebook forum are being called to be forerunners and way showers to the co-creative consciousness that currently inhabits the surface realm of Mother Gaia, also known as Earth.

You may have noticed that there is an uptick or a resurgence of science fiction works and stories happening in movies, on television, and in written media. The co-creative consciousness is manifesting—by way of mainstream media—an unconscious yearning to return to our status of galactic citizenry.

If you are listening to this message, then it is likely that you may have already awoken in this shared waking dream that we all inhabit. When you go out into public or interact with friends, family or coworkers, you will likely notice that the vast majority of humanity still remains in slumber.

It is incumbent upon us as the awakened, incumbent on those who feel a star lineage that originates elsewhere from Mother Gaia, to serve as emissaries and way showers for the groggy sleepers who are about to soon awaken. 

Words, thoughts, and actions manifest the world we want to inhabit. For far too long, the traumas of humanity, the regrets, shame, maliciousness and other low-frequency expressions of communication and connection have been prevalent and at the forefront of co-creative expression. It is time for a new expression to supplant low-vibratory, non-edifying words, thoughts, and deeds. 

Humans inhabiting the surface realm of Mother Gaia make up one of the last collectives that will “upgrade” or “level up” in the holographic expression of the galaxy. Many of the impediments to our ascension have been removed. But unless our collective begins to declare the intention and desire to rejoin the broader galactic community, we may continue to remain in this limbo area.

One way we can go about setting a new intention and steering the co-creative consciousness to a cosmic paradigm shift is to begin articulating the concept of Earth being home to a galactic society. It is incumbent upon us to declare galactic citizenry as fashionable and desirable. There is no reason why we need to sit on the periphery of mainstream human society. Humans have been conditioned to respond to manipulative triggers such as (but not limited to) fashion trends, gurus, thought-leaders, and 

Utilize the communicatory tools at your disposal in your exterior holographic reality to formulate and articulate messages about cosmic consciousness that will resonate with your particular demographic. We on this forum constitute a wide variety of humans—we are many different ethnicities, sexualities, genders, gender expressions, and cultures. Bring these lofty and etheric concepts down to “grounded” level using cultural identifiers that resonate with your friends and followers.

Lightworkers, forerunners, wayshowers have become too complacent in sitting on the periphery of mainstream society. For far too long, we have accepted the exterior world’s definition of what we think and who we are. Up until 2018, we have gladly swallowed society’s indictment of us—that we are silly, or that we are crazy. Neither is the case. 

Let us emerge from the “Cosmic Closet” together. Let us express and articulate our higher selves in visual, written, and auditory ways that will resonate with those that share lives with us.

This message comes through my higher self. I leave you in light and love of our infinite creator and source. And so it is. Thank you.