I've been getting really into the work of a Detroit-based esoteric channeler whose name is Micheila Sheldan. I feel like her voice is authentically channeled from elsewhere, but she lacks what I would term the "theatrics" of some more showy "channelers." Just gimme the nitty gritty of this holographic realm, thank you very much!

The video below is a live lecture and demonstration that was given on August 19, 2017. Micheila Sheldan channeled a variety of beings and collectives including the 8th Dimensional Arcturians, the Pleiadian Collective, and Mary Magdalene. The Arcturians step forward to give the audience detailed information about the human structure, as well as that of the Reptilian consciousness.

The audience then learned how our bodies adjust to planetary transitions and operate in sacred geometric patterns. The history behind free will is discussed and the Reptilian collective is explained in a new light. We come to an understanding of their history, why they came to earth, how their operating system works and the significance behind the August 2017 solar eclipse in relationship to a reversal of their timelines.

Check it out: