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Hello kittens! The verdict is in. Brielle is "too pretty" and Alex is "too stupid" to talk about consciousness. Shut 'ER down, we're done!

OK we're just kidding. We've had nothing but enthusiastic support and encouragement for us shifting our discussions from that of cannabis to cosmic consciousness. Of course, cannabis still factors in our experience in this holographic realm (mainly for Alex). 

Honestly we're not that insulted by some random YouTube jabbing. It's par for the course when one is opening up a discussion of a controversial topic--namely related to our perception of reality and our place within it. We are still going to keep the conversation going, and we are excited that a small pride of cosmically conscious kittens are flocking together and anchoring the light in this Gaia realm.

With light and love...
Brielle n' Alex (toots)