By Alex Liberato

I wrote the following message as a missive in an online forum for starseeds in which a poster was warning us about a coming ice age in fifteen years. I'm getting a little exasperated with the myriad of "Chicken Little" doom-and-gloom predictions that seem to pervade the awakened and light-worker communities. So I wrote...

"I am grateful that you are trying to give an earnest "heads-up." However, if I may express my opinion—the warning that was posted is a bit drenched in fear-related energies.

I am hesitant to indulge the idea of a looming mini-ice age. Or any other disaster scenario for that matter. My reasoning is as follows:

  • If we are all in a holographic reality and we continually manifest it and re-manifest it in each moment based on our thoughts and emotional state—then we will most certainly manifest this undesirable scenario if we buy into it and consent to it as a reality.

  • Focusing on amassing provisions and safety and shelter further reinforces our dependency and focus on Third Density elements instead of focusing on things of a higher vibrational nature.

I tread here delicately and lightly because although I don't want to heap onto the fear porn, I also do not want to be one of the "virgins without oil" as that one New Testament parable describes. Sorry to share a scripture here. I am definitely NOT religious but I was heavily conditioned by conservative Christianity in my youth—so I don't have a better ostrich-in-the-sand metaphor.

I would advocate continual meditation and space clearing for anyone that is experiencing anxiety energies during this full moon weekend and period of solar gateway openings. Being well-stocked is always advisable I'm sure—but salvation from any sort of climactic calamity could be found through indoor, hydroponic farming which is technology that humanity possesses but hasn't made a satisfactory effort to migrate to."

And yes I am aware that I ended this missive in a preposition.