By Brielle Linna

I got Alex hooked on some esoteric videos that an old roommate showed me while I was living in Olympia, Washington. For those who don't know, a few years back some interesting characters made an entire series of animated, explanatory short videos. It's called "Spirit Science", and it's an excellent collection of esoteric concepts distilled into simple stories. Love it!

So I want to share a sacred geometry anecdote: When we were designing shirts for our old pop-up store, I had the idea to put our (trademarked) cat on a shirt with a faint Flower of Life design placed behind it. Alex was enthusiastic about it and mocked it up... but then we realized that printing them with two colors would be pretty expensive! And we are cheap kittens.

I share this anecdote because back in January, Alex sent me a new mock-up in which he dropped the pot leaf from our kitty's illustrated mouth and instead superimposed it over a Flower of Life design.

I squealed OF COURSE. 

Anyway, we didn't realize that readers and listeners (and now watchers) would start asking what the new "latticework" behind the #KosmicKitten represented... and why we put it there. So I thought that it would be fun to share the short video that made ME fall in love with this simple circular design that is found throughout ancient civilizations and even in nature as well! Enjoy: