Dateline: 1561. The place? Nuremberg, Germany.

Confused citizens in Middle age Europe reported strange UFOs battling over the skies of their quaint, German town. We only know about this today because those events were chronicled in the local newspaper "the Gazette" of the Town of Nuremberg. Check out what it looked like!

This was the first time such events were recorded in public records and makes an eerily compelling arguments for the legitimacy of "Ancient Aliens."

Early risers that fateful morning 500+ years ago awoke to the sight of thousands of crosses, globes, spherical objects and rods flying in the skies above the city. This “very frightful spectacle” lasted hours. Two seemingly opposing factions began battling against one another over the town. The globes and rods that apparently had won the battle were reported to have flown into the sun, while the UFOs that were defeated crashed into the Earth into pillars of smoke.  

The events are extremely remarkable in that they seem to describe a technologically advanced battle between two factions at war. One wonders what those two factions could've been. Probably not of Earth origins. Although some ancient alien-enthusastic pundits postulate that advanced remnants of ancient civilizations live underground. But hey whaddawe know? 

What is interesting is that those reporting on this fantastically cosmic event, which was said to be “witnessed by numerous men and women” by the Gazette, do a fantastic job of accurately describing these unidentified flying objects in objective detail whilst not possessing an understanding of the physics of flight. Their understanding of flight and technology was rudimentary at best.

They did a good job of articulating what they saw, considering that no one was talking about flight at that time. Well I guess back in 1485 Leonardo da Vinci began to study the flight of birds and later cooked up an ornithopter and balloon/dirigible concept. And then we guess prior to that there was Roger Bacon writing in 1260 about possible technological means of flight. But still, "pew pew sky battles" was likely a concept foreign to medieval peasants, would you agree?

OK we have a new episode to record, so go read more speculation about this 1561 celestial phenomenon over at Wikipedia.