This is Alex... I wrote this in response to someone writing to me about their experience of finding cosmic consciousness in the Pacific Northwest:

I too have found safe haven in the Pacific Northwest as well. For example, it feels like there are lots of people in Portland that are only on the same page as I am regarding our collective experience of higher-dimensional consciousness, but we also seem to be vibing on the same wavelength and we all the—how shall I say this—the same brand of 'quirky'? I feel like I could type what I'm thinking in an ascension-related web forum and other people near PDX would say "fuck yes!" Whereas if I said the same things in the hallway outside my condominium to a neighbor, people would simply give me a look as if I just defecated in my pants.

I very much resonate with Dolores Cannon's description of how three waves of volunteers have descended into this shitastic planetary realm in order to get Earth to a high enough frequency that will allow it to ascend in vibration and rejoin the broader galactic community. Maybe a group of us finding ourselves at this juncture are kindred souls with galactic ties/tethers and we are here to yank this hellhole planetary rock into a better reality. This specific moment in which we find ourselves is similar to as if we beamed down from the Enterprise on a clandestine, incognito away team mission where we are obligated to cover our extraterrestrial Vulcan ears with a stylish hat.put simply: we woke early and have to wait for the planet to catch up.

Many have found peace and cosmic consciousness through practices like Kundalini yoga.

Many have found peace and cosmic consciousness through practices like Kundalini yoga.

So take solace in the fact that you are infinitely more clued in on what's really up. At least compared to your neighbors and friends. And if shit starts to get real, you are going to be infinitely ahead of all the sleepers out on our streets.

Some tips on coping with this current period:

  • Find some online resources that resonate with you that might give clarity as to what is occurring.

  • Are there local groups that are cosmically conscious or ascension-minded? I have the luxury of living in a hella quirky place where I can't swing a cat without hitting an ME sympathizer. For instance, I'm typing up this entire missive in a restaurant right before I go and participate in this group collective Cosmic meditation. Maybe like-minded people in your area are pulling stuff together on Facebook or Go check. If not, start your own shit.

  • Take solace in the fact that shit is supposed to get really real, really quick. Just today I listened to a message from a Pleiadian channeler that insists that we are on the cusp of a major deluge. Channeled messages are always dependent on your discernment, however.

To conclude... I think we awakened souls are coming into a very chaotic and interesting period where we are going to be "called to arms" so to speak. So don't get too dejected. 2017 is promising to be a funktastically cosmic year.