This election cycle is making us here a bit nervous. Nobody seems to be excited about their electoral candidate, and seemingly all that matters in the 2016 election is the presidential bid. People keep forgetting that cannabis (in some form) is on the legislative ballot in eight states, including California, Nevada, Maine, Arizona, Massachusetts, Florida, Arkansas, and Montana. For more information, we invite you to check out The Weed Blog's excellent and succinct snapshot of 2016 U.S. cannabis ballot measures.

So what does Mama Cass think of the electoral process? Filmed on August 19, 1972, this short clip consists of Mama Cass bantering adorably with John Denver before she immediately presses the importance of voter participation. She also shares her passion for voter registration.

I divulge to you that I am a bit of a hypocritical voter myself. I am a guy who waited until the absolute last day possible to register himself in the State Oregon. I don’t know why I took so long to waffle indecisively about participating in this year’s election.

It’s amazing that these words that Mama Cass felt she had to impress on national TV back on August 19, 1972 are still just as true for the American electorate when spoken in October, 2016. I mean… progress, anyone?

Says the Queen of Creeque Alley herself in the video below:

“Our vote and my vote… are equally important… I don’t think it’s so important who you vote for—you vote for who you believe in, but the important thing is TO vote. Because it’s our way and it’s the best way.”

Best of all, Mama Cass’s words culminate in a stunning duet rendition of “Leaving on a Jet Plane.“ Give it a listen: