Surely you’ve heard of the ancient mythical world of Atlantis. But what WAS Atlantis? Did humanity reach cultural heights and achieve interstellar galactic connectivity during an ancient period that we currently contextualize as the distant past? 

Alex is so intrigued by the idea that he spends time digging at the concept of ancient Atlantis. We talk about how Atlantis still permeates our modern consciousness, how Atlantis has been discussed in channeled material like the Law of One by RA, and we delve into the science of “remote viewing” in order to peer into the distant past.

Join Alex as he guides his fellow soul kittens down a rabbit hole about an ancient advanced society that we have been conditioned to forget and never speak about!


  • Project Stargate at the CIA website (PDF):
  • Farsight Institute’s Remote Viewing Session About Atlantis:
  • The Law of One Material Discusses Atlantis: