We have a meaty esoteric discussion + special message from the cosmos for you today! Isaac Roberts, a prolific channeler, Tarot reader, and thought leader on higher consciousness joins Alex to discuss a wide range of topics including the advent of “Christ” consciousness, magic & ritual, origins of the ancient Egyptian diety known as RA, and other issues related to symbolic systems peppered throughout our shared reality. Isaac describes the etymology of the phrase “Christ consciousness” commonly spoken about in higher-consciousness circles and clarifies how it is not necessarily related to the practice of Christianity itself.

At 35:09, Isaac sets his consciousness aside in order to bring a message from an entity/consciousness that refers to itself as Malakai. Topics include the dissolution of Net Neutrality in the United States and how (based on likely probabilities) it might serve as a catalyst for awakening among the masses, creating AI machines or interfaces that can be imbued with consciousness or Source energy, and how our consciousness is beginning to reclaim itself from the allure of technology itself. Malakai also speaks of upcoming possible shifts to our reality between the years 2021-2025. This episode is long, but it is intense! Enjoy.