Hello friends and kittens! We wanted to let you know about some developments that have occurred with our pop-up store, as well as to let you know where Brielle and Alex are, "energetically" speaking.

We are besties that never grow tired of chatting with each other! However, we noticed that we were talking more about the cannabis industry, and a bit less about our experience with consciousness and how cannabis was a catalyst for all of that. We have been experiencing some very intense energy shifts. It feels like the energetic weather all around us is turbulent and driving us into a new direction to come out of our shells and express more thoughts and feelings about higher consciousness attainment, which is something that has been obsessing us as of late.

Brielle has been itching to re-contextualize the conversation, and Alex has been itching to take his highly advanced corporate branding and communication skills to an arena that sorely needs it. #KosmicKitten is going to be a labor of love from our team, so please be patient if our posting schedule hiccups here and there. We do have Third Density matters to attend to, after all! :-D

New episodes with Brielle & Alex resume on May 26, 2017. Bookmark our new channel on YouTube.com/KosmicKitten.