Budtender Brielle and her BFF Alex sit down with Portland artist Michael Cavazos to discuss the intersection between two fringe cultures: cannabis and the LGBTQ community. Michael shares how he has evolved to accept himself, to blossom as performer, and to reclaim his Mexican-American heritage. He also informs Brielle & Alex about how the medical marijuana movement was started by two gay men. 

Michael Cavazos is a writer, drag performer, DJ and LGBTQ activist. Originally from San Antonio, he has lived and performed across the country in Boston, New York, Los Angeles and now Portland. He wrote the coming-of-age play, Gritos y Chismesitos, and is co-author of Chic and Sassy and it's prequel Chic and Sassy: The Higher the Hair, the Closer to God. He is a founding member of the political sketch comedy troupe Gender Offenders, and can be heard on opbmusic.org every Wednesday from 9-12pm and 6-9pm, featuring new music from the Pacific Northwest and the best alternative, indie and pop music. 

Additionally, Michael is a member of the Portland Latinx Pride committee and is proud to present this year's ¡Tus Colores! Pride Festival in the Jupiter Hotel Courtyard on August 28th. For more information, visit http://latinogaypridepdx.com/.