The Namasgay Summit is a 3-day transformational and fun experience for those wanting to connect with themselves and others on a deeper level. Several highly-acclaimed LGBTQ leaders, including a Hollywood actress, a best-selling author, several entrepreneurs, and other spiritual speakers will be presenting. The Summit is a gathering of soulful, positive LGBTQ people and a great opportunity to make new, life-long connections.

Who is this for?

  • Those curious about exploring spirituality and incorporating it more into their lives
  • Those on a search for meaning and self-discovery
  • Those wanting to reflect and learn about themselves personally and spiritually
  • Those wanting to connect with like-minded individuals that value compassion and growth
  • Those seeking clarity and peace at a time of change and uncertainty
  • Those not into the bar or club scene and wanting to meet others in a drug-free, positive atmosphere
  • Those fed up with online dating and wanting to have conversations with depth
  • Those seeking to be a part of a conscious, inspiring community
  • Those wanting to share meaningful experiences and ideas with others

The following topics will be covered:

- How to create an inspiring vision for your future
- How to open up your life to new possibilities
- How to communicate and connect on a deeper level

- How to align and balance your chakra energy
- How to boldly show up as your authentic self
- How to manifest wealth through spiritual practice

- How to live with deeper meaning and purpose
- How to cultivate and attract conscious relationships
- How to be sex positive and comfortable with intimacy
- How to be an influential leader in the LGBTQ community

<<< WHEN IS IT? >>>
April 20 - Friday: 4pm-7pm
April 21 - Saturday: 9am - 6pm (optional VIP Reception 6:30-8pm)
April 22 - Sunday: 9am - 4pm

(Note: A ticket does not include airfare, transportation to/from the venue, food or accommodations.)