This is the last time that Kriyanna will teach this class in Portland!

Sacred Geometry is the foundational building block for all of creation. In Gridding and Sealing you will learn about this pure language of Source itself! Through understanding these geometric patterns and their vibrational frequencies, we learn the original language of the cosmos and gain access to universal wisdom.

This course of study comes through the Western Hermetic tradition. This means that you will receive teachings which are over 3,000 years old, handed down throughout the ages.

What to Expect:

  1. Awaken and invoke the powers of the three primary sacred geometries (pyramid, cube, and sphere) within your body.
  2. Connect your mind to the Divine Spirit with these sacred symbols.
  3. Understand how sacred geometry represents the four elements and enable all of your physical creations to be imbued and protected with Divine energy.
  4. Activate a room or a building, increasing the vibration for protection of all those within
  5. Create a temple of worship/sacred space

How to Prepare:

We highly recommend that you take: “Create Safe & Sacred Space” to support the integration of this material.

You might also enjoy "Astral Projection" which this class is a pre-requisite for:

***Discounts for enrolling in more than one class apply.***

Please Bring:

Personal water bottle with a lid that closes
Wear comfortable clothing
Snacks to share (if you would like to)
Notebook and pen
Allies: crystals, tincture, essential oils, comfort items, flowers

Event Logistics:

When: Saturday Jan 6th 6-9pm
Where: Toren Collective 1627 NE Alberta St. suite B1
Cost: $44

Teacher’s Bio:

Kriyanna Feyalove is an initiate in the Western Hermetic Mystical tradition. She is an ecstatic and a powerful channel for modern Tantra. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, founder of Ecstatic Awakening Meditation and Tantric Qabalah. She combines these techniques to create a unique experience that catalyzes personal growth and deep, lasting transformation. She is the founder and director of Temple I AM. Kriyanna has dedicated her entire life to healing herself and preparing her mind, body, and soul to serve humanity. She effortlessly witnesses the Divine in everything and everyone. She truly practices what she preaches and teaches. She is a walking, breathing embodiment of light and pure love. Kriyanna will stand by your side as an equal in finding the empowering light and love wisdom within your mind and heart so you can live out your true life's purpose.

Private sessions for individuals, couples, families, and groups in any of the above offerings are available by appointment.