• Sage Center (map)
  • 12555 Southwest 1st Street
  • Beaverton, OR, 97005
  • United States

Group support in dealing with the ET contact/abduction experience and help in orientation into society. A social group, as much as a sharing group. This group is meant for the purpose of understanding the nature of the abduction/contact experience and how it has impacted our lives, how to deal with the changes it brings, and how to orient the experience into our lives. It is meant not only for those who know they have experienced a hard contact, but for those who suspect they may have had contact (i.e. missing time, etc), or for those who may be genuinely interested in the subject.

This is a meetup for those who are serious about the subject and it provides a safe environment to anyone who may be looking for a voice for their experiences. We ask you to respect the experience. Reality to you may not be a reality to another, but it is still reality to the experiencer.

This event is hosted by Gary Kaminski CHt and Sondra. 

A request from the facilitators: Our meeting starts at 2pm and runs until 5pm. We request that if you can not make it by at least 2:15, please plan on skipping the meeting and trying again the next month. If you are coming from some distance and the unexpected happens, please try to text me at 503-799-8705 to let us know.