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  • 1338 NW 23rd Ave
  • Portland, Oregon 97210

In today’s world we tend to believe that Happiness and Love are things to be achieved through searching from outside ourselves. We search and search till we reach such a level of frustration that allows just enough ‘surrender’ to realize that the very thing we have been tirelessly searching for has already been provided. Happiness is a feeling that cannot be borrowed from the outside or that which can be experienced without being in peace with one’s inner self. True happiness that which is unconditional and ever present- is being complete and whole with yourself and accepting your true nature as it is without judgement or feelings of lack. Being in joy and celebrating the gift of life, the life that is right here right now surrounding you every day, showing you the seasons of life. Rediscover yourself and be the happiness that you seek. 

Join Shiv as he guides you in a deep meditative experience that will help you more easily tap into your True Self and get a real taste of your own inner silence leading you to reawaken the self-love within. He will then draw from his new book “The Seed of Nothingness,” which explores how our attitudes, motivations, projections, and even our spiritual practices can bind us to an ego-centered version of spirituality. The mindsets and heart-sets he offers provide clarity on how we may walk the path to spiritual liberation. Shiv is a motivational speaker on Self-Awareness and Consciousness. His message emphasizes Self-Love as a means to Inner Awakening and Freedom from Mind. 

Cost of Event: $20

To Register and reserve your spot Call (503)-224-4929, walk-ins are also welcomed. Location: New Renaissance Bookstore 1338 NW 23rd Ave, Portland OR 97210.

About Shiv

Being our true self is what the journey of life is all about. Life is to be lived without any delusions stated in words from past experiences. True self cannot be stated in words but lived as an experience. Shiv refrains from attaching himself to any definable label, be it of status, gender, religion, nation or any other description that would define and therefore limit. All that he is, is.