• New Renaissance Bookstore (map)
  • 1338 NW 23rd Ave
  • Portland, Oregon 97210

Join us for a Guided Meditation to feel the Oneness, and the source energy that flows within your being. From this point you will experience the parallels and similar to the source energy that flows throughout the Cosmos. 

Shiv will share his presence and through his cultivation of his own inner silence will be able to give you invite you into your own inner silence through his guided meditation. This cannot be spoken in words but felt as an experience of oneness. 

His book "The Seed of Nothingness" explores how our attitudes, motivations, projections, and even our spiritual practices can bind us to an ego-centered version of spirituality. The mindsets and heart-sets he offers provide clarity on how we may walk the path to spiritual liberation as stated by Michael Bernard Beckwith. 

About Shiv

Being our true self is what the journey of life is all about. Life is to be lived without any delusions stated in words from past experiences. True self cannot be stated in words but lived as an experience. Shiv refrains from attaching himself to any definable label, be it of status, gender, religion, nation or any other description that would define and therefore limit. All that he is, is.