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Join Melina Donalson and Joshua Stoddard in their beautifully calming Yin Yoga and Sound Bath experience as we move into the Yin rhythms of Fall and Winter. The Yin seasons encourage us to slow down and to reflect – to exhale and to rest.

In this very special class, Melina will begin by leading everyone into a short, guided meditation, followed by a deeply relaxing Yin yoga practice where Joshua will create a sound bath intended to deepen the experience and encourage relaxation and stillness.

Sound bath sessions balance the body and mind by applying specific vibrations and frequencies that create a harmonic space for healing.

Joshua performs each sound bath with the intention of providing a grounding experience to leave you feeling centered and recharged. His angelic soundscapes are created through a stream of consciousness process using guitar, voice, and quartz crystal sound bowls. Joshua combines his passion and over 20 years experience as a musician with his love to provide a space of peace and healing for others.

Melina Donalson is committed to offering Yin yoga practice in a way that is accessible, permissive and as a way of sitting with ourselves in all our light and shadow. Her full bio is available online.

Event Details:

  • Cost: $25
  • Date: September 30th
  • Time: 6-8PM
  • Held at our Mississippi location