• New Renaissance Bookstore (map)
  • 1338 Northwest 23rd Avenue
  • Portland, OR, 97210
  • United States

The plants are our elders. They are our ancestors and they hold the expansive, high vibrational cosmic starlight of the sun and the grounded, loving energy of Pachamama. Plants can enlighten us, heal our hearts and open our minds, too. Come learn about local spirit plants and how to unlock their healing power. 

You will have the opportunity to experience firsthand, through guided meditation, your own healing connection with plant spirit medicine.

And Tara will share her own system she mapped out of plant spirit-chakra correlations based on direct teachings through meditating with the herbs. 

There will be a booksigning of Tara's book "Dandelion Hunter" after the talk. 

Note: There is a good chance this event will go until 9:00 p.m.  

RSVP Today:

You can reserve a spot by calling the store at 503-224-4929 or get a ticket at the cashiers desk any time before class.

About the Author

Tara loves learning from plant spirits and considers them the wisest beings on the planet. She is an intuitive empath with clairaudient and claircognizant gifts, and a shamanic reiki healer assisting lightworkers in stepping into their true power since 2012.

She is also a sacred cannabis consultant, helping people experience the mystical side of ganja through intentional ceremony. She formerly taught plant spirit meditation in her First Ways herbal program. Learn more about her at www.IntuitiveTaraRose.com