• Hamsterdam Cafe (map)
  • 2057 Southwest Park Avenue
  • Portland, OR, 97201
  • United States

Hamsterdam Cafe is excited to introduce a new yoga teacher named Brenda. She is a certified yoga teacher and is excellent at teaching a style of yoga that is friendly and helpful to injuries as well as being very cannabis-friendly.

We have a few mats people can borrow but please try to bring your own if you have them. Any questions please feel free to ask.

This Meetup is hosted at Hamsterdam Cafe, please visit hamsterdamcafe.com to understand more about our space and our membership. We are in an excellent location to walk or take allll public transportation to. However, there is fairly limited parking on our block. If you are driving here and can not find space please look for spots in the roundabout next to Park Plaza Apartments and PSU's Native American building, the one you pass right before the bridge over 405. This location is a house on the outside, that is the only legal way to run a cannabis cafe currently in Portland. However the inside is more cafe-like and we have a green lights on outside our door. Please walk up the stairs and knock or just enter when you have arrived.


  • $5 donation for single day membership cannabis cafe for use of the space (or $20/month)
  • $5+ donation to the Yoga teacher