Hosted by energy gatekeeper and lightworker Natasha Sadlowski, this free class is designed to give you the power to enhance your health and create a balanced and nurturing environment.

You will learn about a variety of essential oils and which oils work best to keep each chakra balanced and keep your space clean and clear. 

We will also be guiding a short meditation to demonstrate how essential oils can be used to deepen your practice. 

During the class you will have the opportunity to create a free room and body spray that can be designed to address your own personal needs.

In this workshop we will use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils to give your body a boost and help blocked and unbalanced chakras heal.

Because of their purity and high vibration, essential oils are one of the most effective tools for:

  • Opening, healing and balancing chakras
  • Supporting the body systems
  • Encouraging emotional well-being