• Flying Pie Pizza (map)
  • 7804 Southeast Stark Street
  • Portland, OR, 97215
  • United States

There is a new meet-up group called “UFO Inquiring Minds” in Portland, Oregon. At this event, UFO researcher Bill Coones will discuss the role of extraterrestrial interference and development with Human DNA throughout (known) Earth history. This is a regular event which occurs in the basement of Flying Pie Pizzeria in Portland.

About UFO Inquiring Minds

This group is a collection of Truth seekers who look into the physical and esoteric aspects of contact now and in the past. Evidence of contact with advanced civilizations is with us now and dates back thousands of years and we still don't have all the facts. We are not waiting anymore for the Government, scientists or the Religions to define reality, we are striking out on our own. Truth is where you find it and it comes from diverse sources. If you have a presentation for the group let me know. Proper decorum required here please...zero tolerance for spammers and trolls.

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