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  • 1338 Northwest 23rd Avenue
  • Portland, OR, 97210
  • United States

Are you an empath? Do you feel powerful emotions out of the blue?

Empaths naturally negotiate daily life by taking on the energy of other people and environments. In a time of anxiety and division, the weight of these energies is overwhelming. There are so many different energies vying for attention and validation. The resulting confusion and fatigue can be challenging. The question then becomes “Which of all this input is mine and which is not?” 

Through angelic grace and instant techniques, the solutions to having your own thoughts, feelings and emotions are energy clearing and shielding. In this workshop, we will practice simple and repeatable clearing techniques with Archangel Michael. Immediate relief, a clear sense of who you are and focus are the result. You begin to cultivate the sacred presence of your empathic gift and utilize it to bring light to yourself and to the world. 

$20 - Please call the store to RSVP at (503) 224-4929.