Every human has guides and guardians that are mostly unseen by the human eye. Perhaps you would like to speak with them or an Ascended Master to receive teachings, clarity, and support? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to soar and explore the great cosmic universe?

The universe is limitless ... it is vast and infinite. The human mind is also limitless ... just as vast and infinite as the universe. The only limitation of your mind is your own imagination! What we imagine can become real. And we all have the innate ability to imagine people, places, things that exist but cannot be seen, touched, or felt without developing extra-sensory perception (ESP).

Using Western Hermetic techniques, Kriyanna Elumen offers guidance on how to develop your ESP and then traverse the astral plane both safely and respectfully. The training you will receive includes specific instruction on how to astral project, building confidence in this practice. 


What to Expect:

In this class you will receive:

  • Western Hermetic Lineage techniques and instruction for astral projection
  • Tools for developing ESP
  • How to create a vehicle made of Sacred Geometry for successful astral projection
  • Rules for travelling safely and respectfully
  • 3 guided astral journeys as a group

How to Prepare:

**Pre-requisite Anchor Your Space: Gridding & Sealing I

Please Bring:

  • Personal water bottle with a lid that closes
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Snacks to share (if you would like to)
  • Allies: crystals, tincture, essential oils, comfort items, flowers


  • When: Saturday, Nov. 11th 7-9:30 p.m.
  • Where: Toren Collective 1627 NE Alberta St., Suite B1 (downstairs on the left)
  • Cost: $44


Teacher’s Bio: 

Kriyanna Feyalove is an initiate in the Western Hermetic Mystical tradition. She is an ecstatic and a powerful channel of the Red Left Hand Path of Tantra. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, founder of Ecstatic Awakening Meditation and Tantric Qabalah. She combines these techniques to create a unique experience that catalyzes personal growth and deep, lasting transformation. She is the founder and director of Temple I AM. Kriyanna has dedicated her entire life to healing herself and preparing her mind, body, and soul to serve humanity. She effortlessly witnesses the Divine in everything and everyone. She truly practices what she preaches and teaches. She is a walking, breathing embodiment of light and pure love. Kriyanna will stand by your side as an equal in finding the empowering light and love wisdom within your mind and heart so you can live out your true life's purpose.

Private sessions for individuals, couples, families, and groups in any of the above offerings are available by appointment.